3kg and 14 kg


  • LOW FAT FORMULA (8% crude fat and oils) prevents weight gain and helps maintain healthy weight.
  • L-CARNITINE modulates lipid metabolism and helps maintain lean body mass.
  • FLAXSEED reduces cholesterol levels and supports healthy skin and a shiny coat.
  • HIGH IN VITAMIN E* to support immune function.
Weight: all breeds
Age: adult dogs, above 1 year


Complete dry feed rich in chicken for adult, overweight dogs all breeds.


Chicken meal (30%), maize, peas, rice (15%), hydrolyzed chicken liver (4%), beet pup, cellulose, fish oil, vitamins and minerals, flax seed, dried chicory (a natural source of FOS and inulin), brewery yeast (a natural source of MOS), glucosamine (50 mg/kg), chondroitin (50 mg/kg), MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) (50 mg/kg), Yucca schidigera, plant extracts (Rosemarinus sp, Vitis sp, Curcuma sp, Citrus sp, Eugenia sp).
ADDITIVES (mg/kg): Vitamins: Vitamin A (IU/kg) (retinylacetate 3a672a): 24.000, Vitamin D3 (IU/kg) (E 671): 2.000, Vitamin E (all – rac – α – tocopherylacteate 3a700): 500. Amino acids: L-carnitine 100. Trace elements: Iron (iron(II)sulfate (monohydrate) – iron(II)chelate of amino acids) (E1): 90,0, Copper (copper (II)sulfate (monohydrate) – copper(II)chelate of amino acids) (E4): 13,0, Zinc (zinc (II)sulfate (monohydrate) – zinc(II)chelate of amino acids) (E6): 100,0, Manganese (manganese (II)oxyde – manganese (II)chelate of amino acids) (E5): 40,0, Iodine (calcium iodate) (3b201): 1,50, Selenium (sodium selenite) (E8): 0,20. Binders: Montmorillonite (E558): 4.500,0. Gut Flora Stabilizers: Enterococcus faecium NCIMB 10415 (E1707): 109 cfu/kg. Antioxydants.


Crude proteins 28,0
Crude oils and fats 8,0
Omega 3 – fatty acids 0,8
Omega 6 – fatty acids 2,4
Crude fibres 5,5
Inorganic matter 7,0
Calcium (Ca) 1,1
Phosphorus (P) 0,9